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With A Shared Vision of Excellence
          Jim Mitchell and Jed Davis, P.A. was founded in 1977 by Jim Mitchell and Jed Davis. Upon discovering that their academic backgrounds were closely aligned (both Jim and Jed were educated at Princeton University and Yale University School of Law), they also learned that they shared a vision for providing legal representation to all sorts of clients. These core tenets have remained with our firm since it was first established. Since then, Jim Mitchell and Jed Davis, P.A. has remained a champion of people’s rights – from serving as personal injury lawyers to domestic legal advisors. As attorneys at law, they serve the people of Augusta, ME with great dedication and determination.
Criminal & Personal Injury Law Augusta, GA

Our practice covers everything from personal injury and civil suits to probate law and real estate for Augusta, ME clients.

          For more than 30 years, we have maintained a personable family feel with small-town roots. This has assisted us in winning major cases and being awarded numerous accolades over the past several decades. Our attorneys exemplify high standards with regard to preparation and command respect both in and out of the courtroom. We continue to provide the ultimate blend of professionalism, quality, talent, and relentlessness that keeps clients coming back to us year after year.
          It’s important to us that we build a relationship with our clients, and we prefer to think of ourselves as your teammate – an extension of your own best interests. Each of our attorneys is experienced in a number of legal disciplines, and they bring a combination of more than 75 years of knowledge, experience, and decisive victories to the table. You can rest assured knowing that the professionals at Jim Mitchell and Jed Davis, P.A. are competent and equipped to represent your best interests.

         For more information, or to hire us as your next personal injury, real estate, civil suit, or criminal lawyer in Augusta, ME, contact us today. We will work together to get you the best results possible.
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