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Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Augusta, ME

The lawyers at Jim Mitchell and Jed Davis, P.A. have dealt with many types of criminal issues over the years. This means that when you pair up with our legal team, you’re not only tapping into a wealth of knowledge; you're benefiting from years of experience as well.

There is no substitute for proven results. Emily Mitchell has dealt with criminal OUI issues and domestic violence sentencing. Jed Davis has appealed and won murder sentencing questions. Jim Mitchell has represented accused sex offenders. 
Libby Mitchell has represented clients in obstruction of justice cases. Megan Hanley has dealt with criminal contempt issues. This is just a brief introduction to the situations our experienced criminal lawyers are prepared to assist you with.

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a law firm with broad experience that does not back down. Our team will handle your criminal case with respect, competence, and resolve. You couldn’t ask for more. If you’re in need of a criminal lawyer in the Augusta, ME area, contact us now.

What Our Attorneys at Law Can Do For Your Criminal Case

With an experienced attorney by your side, navigating the legal system will be a safe, smooth process.
  • Protect your rights. A criminal lawyer's number one job is to make sure that the accused understands their rights, and that the law upholds this person's rights. Our clients are guaranteed protection under all existing state and federal laws.
  • Provide guidance. Before, during, and after the criminal investigation and prosecution, our criminal lawyers will go over every aspect of the case with the accused. We provide an objective perspective about what the case entails. This is critical for our clients to understand, before they make any decisions.
  • Defend and negotiate. The criminal lawyer's duty is to negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce sentencing or charges that is in the client's best interest. This may include alternative treatments like rehab programs or community service. We will work with witnesses to gather more information regarding the case, and use it to our client's advantage. Throughout the entire process, we will educate our client's on the state of the criminal case.

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