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Jim Mitchell

Jim Mitchell


James E. Mitchell was one of the two founding partners of Mitchell & Davis, an esteemed Judge of the Kennebec County Probate Court, and championed advocate in a legal career that lasted until August 2016.

Jim's exquisite legal prowess and undying passion for helping others led him to many successes in his career, including serving as lead counsel in two landmark probate cases, Estate of Pearl McCormick and Estate of Whitlock, and mounting a challenge to Maine's Sex Offender Registry law in a class action suit that he took up to the Law Court. His reputation among lawyers, judges, and colleagues was unsullied, and his loss mourned by hundreds in a September 2016 funeral in Portland.

Jim was a proud and devoted husband to politician and fellow lawyer, Libby, and doting parent and grandparent of four children and many grandchildren. He and Libby were longtime residents of Vasselboro, with enduring ties to his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, where he was friendly with President Bill Clinton. He was a decorated hero of the Vietnam War, as a result of which he received a Bronze Star.

Jim's legacy and memory are carried on at Mitchell & Davis, at which his spirit, passion, and pursuit of good for all clients long endures.

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