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Domestic Law Representation from the Best

Domestic law is a delicate domain. Megan Hanley has the experience to understand its nuances. These sorts of cases don’t always deal with divorce. Perhaps some of the parties involved were never married, or some have been divorced for a long time. When it comes to parental rights, questions will focus on the children, both before and after their parents' disputes have been solved.

In this field, the focus should be on the child’s well-being. Lawyers must understand that the law and the courts don’t usually ask what is in the best interest of the child unless something is amiss with parental care.
For example, the courts will not impose guardianship over a child, even if the proposed guardian would be a better parent than the natural one - unless the court first finds the natural parent unfit.

Cases like these can be complicated and emotional. When situations like these arise, Megan Hanley has the experience to represent you best.

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